NOBO Handweavers

Tartan Weaving

In case anyone would like to have a little fun with Tartan design, especially with our featured speaker for September, visit It is addictive!

Perfect tools

Okay, so there are no perfect tools but some come close.
I was wondering what your “must have” weaving tools are.
In particular, shuttles.

I have a pair of Howell Little Man boat shuttles that came with my Glimarka. I was considering selling them until I tried them. Those guys are staying put- they feel so good in my hands and the weight’s
ideal. I’m interested in knowing if anyone has Jenkin or Bluster Bay boat shuttles and what they think of them?
I’m really starting to like the snub nosed shuttles.

My abacus and child’s free standing chalkboard have become two of my must have tools!
I use them for treadle tracking. The sequence is written on the board in groups. Then the abacus keeps track of each group as I complete it.
If the phone rings, I just take the chalk and mark the last treadle I used on the chalkboard.

NOBO Handweavers Galleries – The Tutorial

The NOBO Handweavers Galleries are ready for input/feedback/testing. If you’re up for some fun this weekend, feel free to go ahead and start trying it out. You’ll need a username and password, and also be a paid Guild member. Send me an email to: and I’ll set you up for the first round of tests.

I’ve made a tutorial to help guide you along. It’s in PDF format, and is located here:

Oh, and the Galleries are here:

As each person gets set up, I’ll create a gallery for each individual by first name and last initial. From there you may create as many folders or galleries as you’d like. This will help keep things nice and organized right from the start.

“Old England to New England Bookmark Exchange”

Today’s mail brought Leicester Longwool handspun yarn from Cranberry Moon Farm, Cummington, MA. Lisa Westervelt is shepherdess, spinner, weaver and the first registered Leicester Longwool breeder in MA. Despite all she packs in during a day, she agreed to spin up some Leicester for me for the bookmark exchange.  Cream, silver grey, and dark grey – gorgeous.  I just had to share my excitement.



Photo Albums?

You asked for photo albums? You’ve got photo albums. Personally, I prefer Galleries, sounds classier. Because, really, all photos are a work of art and tell a story. But, that’s a topic for another day.
This is bare bones, but a good place to start. I’ve used this gallery setup before, so it’s familiar territory.
The whole directory/gallery can (should be) made passworded also. Also, each individual gallery may be protected individually as well. A universal password should be agreed upon at an in-person guild meeting at some point.
Each Guild Member may be signed up to upload their own images.
For now, have a quick look, I’ve put in a few images to give you an idea of the potential.
The NOBO Handweavers Galleries
PS- Feedback is always welcome.

Keep the Fleece/World’s Longest Scarf

Good news – the NOBO Handweavers scarf team has almost reached our goal of $600 towards the world’s largest fiber flock. We have had some tremendous donations and still need a few more. Reaching our goal will purchase 5 sheep ($120 each). Please encourage friends and family to visit to learn about the World’s Longest Scarf and our involvement with Heifer International through Keep the Fleece. The website is very informative and explains how important this project is in helping farmers domestically and internationally. Donations may be made directly through the Keep the Fleece site and NOBO Handweavers may be credited. We are one of 86 teams working on this! Let’s make sure NOBO Handweavers stand out with our donations and provide as many fiber animals as possible. Our scarf needs to be in Rhinebeck, NY by Oct 1, so we only have a few weeks left.

Viking Twill Towel

Hello everyone,

I received an e-mail recently from Kim Caufield who was spreading the word about some talks scheduled for the Big E in Springfield, MA:

#1 Fri. Sept 25 at 3 PM  on Early Development of Textiles

#2 Sun. Sept 27 at 3 PM on the History of Cotswolds and the Medieval Wool Trade.

Link to the Big E is oddly enough

This is a big B (bummer) because it conflicts with the Common Ground Fair otherwise I’d definitely go. I promised Kim I’d get the word out. Maybe you all are aware and this is redundant?

Also Kim has been raising Cotswolds for 15 years so I asked her about getting some yarn for the bookmark exchange. She tells me that it’s difficult to find a commercial spinner due to the long staple length.  I may be switching to Lincoln for warp and am off to Vermont to find some during my vacation.

I also wanted to say how much fun I had at the Fiber Revival earlier this month. I am late to post this remark, but hope more of you will attend next year.  My completed dish towel (of cottolin) is attached. Refer to the latest Handwoven ; it’s a twill pattern used by the Vikings in the 10th century!!

A big thank you to Kathy James who provided a wonderful talk on color at the last NOBO meeting . It was impossible to get any sleep after that. I hope to see her again at Historic new England.