NOBO Handweavers

Library Additions

The Tartan Weaver has gifted our library with eight books,  two pamphlets, one monograph, and one weaving-related workbook.  These items have been catalogued, shelved, and added to our website.  Should you have the opportunity to visit with Ralf, please thank him for his generosity.  In addition, Dave has added color to the library headings.  Looks great.  Thanks to him, as well.

World’s Longest Scarf coverage!

This morning on “Good Day New York”, Linda Cortright, editor/publisher of Wild Fibers and founder of Keep the Fleece, presented the attached sections of the WLS while accompanied by a llama on the streets of NYC. Take a close look at the leader scarf!! Look familiar? Lots to share at tomorrow’s guild meeting!

World’s Longest Scarf – A Surprise

When you have a moment, go to, then to the menu on left to get to “Scarf Team Listing”. Scroll through the teams and take a look at the donations for NOBO Handweavers.  We have a new total!!

World’s Longest Scarf

Our section for the World’s Longest Scarf has been completed and mailed, along with its matching journal, to Rhinebeck, NY! We were able to weave just over 7′ and our donations to Heifer International through Keep the Fleece came to $918, surpassing our goal of $600!  The scarf sections submitted will be attached in the Wild Fibers sponsored International Tent during the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival on Saturday, October 17.  Thank you to all who donated and supported this effort.

World's Longest Scarf

Spider Gossamer Silk

Check this out:

Pretty amazing!

Tartan Drafts

After Mr. Hartwell’s wonderful presentation the other night, I decided to find online resources for tartan thread setts.
Here’s the best:

Just check the “tartan” box and then 700+ setts and images pop up.

The sett is generally along the top.

Mr. Hartwell is such a nice, inspiring man.

I just might design my own personal tartan one of these days!

Tartan Weaving

In case anyone would like to have a little fun with Tartan design, especially with our featured speaker for September, visit It is addictive!