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Film Clip of Bartlet Yarns mill in Harmony, ME

Great video of an old historic mill; has the last commercial working ‘mule’. I would love to go there!

Additions To Our Library

John Nove has recently donated several books on natural dyeing to our library. The books have been catalogued, shelved, and, thanks to Dave, added to our web site under the heading “Natural Dyeing.” Lots of good info. Check it out.

Chenille Advice Needed

I recently came into a few cones of rayon chenille yarns [*cough*kathie’s fault*cough*] that I’d like to use to make a scarf. I’ve heard it can be tricky to use. One thing I read said that it’s best to use a plain weave to prevent worming, etc.

Do you have any tips or pointers you’d like to share?

If I end up with the plain weave, I’d most likely use the Wolf Pup, and a 12 dent reed is what I’m thinking. Is one type of shuttle better than another?

Sure fire rust remover…

…as in rusty reeds.
I read this technique on Ravelery and wish I could remember who posted it. Here’s the trick:

Take old rags that you can throw out when you’re done (the rust won’t come out in the wash). Saturate the rags in white vinegar, wring out a bit and place them along the length of your rusty, nasty reed. Then wrap up the whole thing in plastic and leave it for 24 hours.
Remove the plastic and rub the rust off with one of the rags. Then I rub the reed with a completely dry cloth and use the hair dryer to completely dry everything.
This works like a miracle!
Thanks to the person who first mentioned it on Ravelery.

Best way to store yarn?

I have a question about storing yarn (in this case wool and alpaca).  I have yarn for future projects and I am wondering about the best way to store it?  Any suggestions?  In plastic?  Never in plastic?  In some type of herbal insect repellant?  Any responses would be appreciated.

Textile Museum with TWiNE?

Is anyone planning on heading to the Textile Museum with some of the TWiNE members next Sunday the 1st? We have four definites from the TWiNE group, and I’d like to let them know if they should expect anyone from our group.

Thanks, Melissa

Library Additions

The Tartan Weaver has gifted our library with eight books,  two pamphlets, one monograph, and one weaving-related workbook.  These items have been catalogued, shelved, and added to our website.  Should you have the opportunity to visit with Ralf, please thank him for his generosity.  In addition, Dave has added color to the library headings.  Looks great.  Thanks to him, as well.