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February Meeting Pictures

The illuminator has posted images from the February meeting. This meeting’s feature was a presentation on Weaving in Tunisia including a display of textiles and weaving equipment. Select galleries from the menu bar then select Sandra‚Äôs albums and the February sub album.

February Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the meeting have been posted, please use this link or select Minutes from the menu bar.

Thanks to Margaret and Penny for their edits and corrections and John for the additional notice of events.

A special thank-you to Ted for an excellent presentation on Weaving in Tunisia. Ted had a unique experience of being there at the time of cultural transition and the impact on village life from a weavers perspective. The articles shared which included a delicate reed, shuttles and outer wear were exceptional. Thank-you Ted!

Interest Survey

The interest survey form is now available. Please fill out and return the survey using either of these:

  1. Print the form, nobo_interest_survey
  2. Use the online survey form please fill out all fields.

This will help determine future presentations and workshops for the guild.

Thanks Deb, Leah, Martha and Penny