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This is for general discussions on the library.

From … The Keeper of the Written Word

Please return any borrowed books and let me know if anyone has requests.

Remember, our library listing is accessible through our website.  We have some stern guidelines that were implemented by the “First Keeper” of the Written Word which covers overdue books and fines.  Admittedly, I am not good when it comes to enforcing these (also available for reading via the website).   In lieu of me sending out notices and/or coming around to collect fines, a small donation to the guild treasury is always appreciated.

Also – please consider taking over as “Keeper of the Written Word”.  As much as I would like to be able to bring about even half the wonderful effort Joan B. put forth as our First Keeper, I am just not able to do so.  The library would truly benefit from someone who could.

Thank you!

Two New Library Books!!

In addition to bringing along a few books from our satellite library, we have two very wonderful new books available for circulation (thanks to the quick thinking of Eileen F.)  Story and books to be introduced at the meeting.

As always, please return any books/magazines you may have borrowed.   You may certainly renew as long as someone else does not want to borrow the book or magazine.

See you Thursday evening,

Keeper of the Written Word

Book requests for the February meeting?

I will be bringing some “dye” books following our topic for movie night!  Do let me know if there are any requests for titles from our library.

If you have borrowed books or magazines from the library, please return them.  You may renew as long as no one has requested the item(s).

Thank you!

Keeper of the Written Word

From NOBO’s Keeper of the Written Word

If you are attending the January meeting (if we are having a January meeting) please return any library books you may have.  Also, take a look at the titles of the books in our library collection and let me know if you would like to request any book(s) so I can fill the library book basket!

From … The Keeper of the Written Word

All members who are coming to our Holiday celebration and have library books/magazines in your possession, please remember to return them.

Thank you!

Library Information from the Keeper of the Written Word

I will be bringing along some books and magazines to Thursday’s guild meeting.  The theme of these will be – Bead Leno.  I know Patricia’s presentation will be very inspirational and figured a basketful of resources that compliment her topic will encourage circulation of some of our library’s collection.

Let me know if anyone has a request for anything (see library listing on this site) and I will also tuck that into the basket.  The Fall issue of the UK’s The Journal for Weavers, Spinners, and Dyers, which is the special Wool Issue (includes articles by Deb Robson and me) and the Fall issue of Wild Fibers are available for borrowing!

If you have books or magazines signed out, please bring them to the meeting.  You are welcome to renew as long as no one else wants them.

Remember – in order to borrow from the library, your dues and the one time library assessment fee of $10 must be paid.

Up for Grabs!

The library is now temporarily housed at my house.  Hopefully when we find a permanent space for guild meetings, our library will also find its permanent home.  For the meanwhile, it seems happy here.  I have just gone through all the Handwoven and Shuttle, Spindle, & Dyepot magazines.  A hearty thank you to Peg for her organization.  Our collection of SS&D has been brought up to date, that is to the full year of 2011.  I was looking to disperse of my issues so some of them are now in the library.  I have set aside a box of magazine duplicates.  Rather than bring them back and forth to guild meetings with the hope that someone may buy an issue or two, I am offering the box to the first taker.  They need a home and there is not enough room here for me to hold onto them when they could be enjoyed by one of our guild members!  More SS&D’s than Handwoven but a box filled to the brim between the two of them.  If no one jumps on this jackpot, then the box will be brought to Fiber Revival and sold in its entirety for a nominal price.

Let me know if you want this box that is absolutely filled with inspiration!