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June 2014 Minutes

Minutes of the June 2014 meeting of NOBO

The meeting opened with Tip Jar ideas. The main tips were from Eileen, Betsy and Kathie about using social media in our weaving lives.

Eileen shared her favorite Ravelry sites and encouraged everyone to join up. Her favorite groups were these: Warped Weavers, Warped Weavers Marketplace, Weavers Cafe, Weavers Cafe Trading Post, Weaving with handspun, Macomber Loom (and other manufacturers groups, Weaving Yarn Review, Weaving book and video review, Loom reviews, Travelry (tips for fiber loving travelers).

Betsy then spoke about Using Facebook and it’s many groups for Rigid Heddle weavers, 4 shaft and 8 shaft weavers, New England Weavers Seminar and many many more. Her favorite group is London Cloth – check it out!

Kathie discussed Pinterest. She showed us her computer tablet and one of the ‘boards’ she had created. You can create a board on any topic and then add ideas to it that you find online. You then share your finds and ideas with others. Many are already using and sharing around the topic of weaving. Two web sites also mentioned were hand and weavolution.

Finally Margaret had an unrelated tip. Use the large Velcro ties from stor bought fresh vegetable to hold back unused heddles on your loom!

Vicki gave us the BALANCE IN THE BANK—$1,589.86. We now have 23 members and need to think about building it up. $100 will be given to the Newburyport Library in September.

– the Georgetown library exhibit is down and Eileen and Betsy have all remaining items
Rowley Library would like a similar display there but no one is ready to do the work required.

– reminder that there will be no regular meetings in July and August. However, there will be an informal get together on the usual night and time but at Panera in Newburyport. In August there will be another Natural Dye day at the Corcorans -the 23rd (rain day the 30th). Terry Anderson will coordinate it.

– Terry is also working on the LibraryThing and will be sending out emails about how people can help.

– Ikat Workshop was a success and people brought in the yarns they had dyed. Each sample was shown and discussed. Any ideas for other workshops should be shared with The Ladies of the Draft


– There are 2 looms and a wheel looking for new homes. an old Cranbrook counterbalance, 4 harness 48″ rug loom for $800 – see Betsy if interested. A
Macomber 40″ 4 harness for $500 and an older Saxony style wheel – see Diane about either of these.

– brief discussion of restarting the old practice of having a ‘Sale Table’ where people could bring in any weaving related items to sell and then give 10% of proceeds to the Guild. The idea was approved.

– Fiber Revival is August 9th from 9-4. Olivia and Eileen will coordinate, Peg, Ellen and anyone else who can will help out. Let Eileen know if you can help.

– Topsfield Fair is Oct 3-13. People are in decided about doing it again.
Also the Big E in Springfield is Oct 13. People can go online to check this out and see about entering projects.

Show and Share as well as an Ice Cream Smorgasbord followed! Both great successes!

LIbraryThing – a blast from NOBO’s past

Hey everyone, I found this post from back in the beginning of NOBO (July 2009 to be specific). Does anyone know what the NOBO login is?  I thought it would be a nice thing to revive and use for our library!  The original post was by Susan B.

“I created an account for the Guild at LibraryThing. Take a look at the link.

It’s very easy to add books. I just added 3 from my collection.

We can add author and title as well as tags. I put in the notes field that the books belong to my collection.

I can probably make it do whatever the group wants! And if you don’t want it, that’s fine too.

Let me know what folks think. I can send the password to anyone interested in playing around behind the scenes.”


NOBO Library

I am working on updating the ‘catalog’ of the NOBO library (it is going a bit slower than I was hoping it would).  Until then you can continue to use the list we have posted to the website (click on Library and choose a category from there).

That said:  Are there any books people would like me to bring to the next meeting?  We have some excellent beginners’ books, technique books, weaving structure books, etc.  We also have a very extensive collection of Handwoven magazines as well as Shuttle, Spindle, and Dyepot magazines.

Please get back to me if there any books (or types of books) you would like to take a look at.

You can also swing by my studio to peruse all the books.  I try to be there Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons (except, of course, tomorrow.  I have to be elsewhere tomorrow afternoon).  So don’t be shy!  I always welcome the company and we really have a nice collection of books, pamphlets, and magazines!


The Silent Weaver

Oh oh, one of our library books is on someone’s bookshelf and we don’t know whose!

The book is The Silent Weaver:  The Extraordinary Life and Work of Angus MacPhee by Roger Hutchinson.

It was returned by a member on December 5th (the day of our holiday celebration and Yankee swap) and quickly borrowed by someone else. However, whoever you are dear borrower, it was not entered in the library log.

Please contact me, Terry, your friendly Keeper of the Word so that I can log it in the book.


Guild Library Books

Terry and I have made a date to officially exchange duties as “Keeper of the Written Word”.  On Thursday afternoon, January 16th, the guild’s library books are going to be transported to their new home in Terry’s studio in Lawrence.

If anyone would be willing to help with the packing of the books (though I am going to try to have this done ahead of time), loading them in our cars (Terry’s and mine), riding over to Lawrence, and unloading the books, it would be greatly (!!) appreciated.

We will be meeting at my house at 1pm so I will bring you back to Byfield.

Thank you!



From … The Keeper of the Written Word

Please return any borrowed books and let me know if anyone has requests.

Remember, our library listing is accessible through our website.  We have some stern guidelines that were implemented by the “First Keeper” of the Written Word which covers overdue books and fines.  Admittedly, I am not good when it comes to enforcing these (also available for reading via the website).   In lieu of me sending out notices and/or coming around to collect fines, a small donation to the guild treasury is always appreciated.

Also – please consider taking over as “Keeper of the Written Word”.  As much as I would like to be able to bring about even half the wonderful effort Joan B. put forth as our First Keeper, I am just not able to do so.  The library would truly benefit from someone who could.

Thank you!

Two New Library Books!!

In addition to bringing along a few books from our satellite library, we have two very wonderful new books available for circulation (thanks to the quick thinking of Eileen F.)  Story and books to be introduced at the meeting.

As always, please return any books/magazines you may have borrowed.   You may certainly renew as long as someone else does not want to borrow the book or magazine.

See you Thursday evening,

Keeper of the Written Word