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May Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the May meeting have been posted, please use this link or select Minutes from the menu.

Thanks to Margaret and Martha for their inputs.

May Show and Share

Pictures from the Show and Share in May have been posted. In addition some pictures from the Salisbury display have been posted. Please select the Gallery and then select Sandra’s album. May pictures are in the May 2017 sub album and the Salisbury Library in the Salisbury Library sub album.


Site Access from iPhone

I tried access from my Android phone, T-Mobile,  from Burlington this morning and it worked OK over the air By over the air I mean not connected through a local wifi. Few people were at work this morning so I’ll check next week with iPhone users to see if they can access the site.

One thing I forgot to ask was who is your wireless carrier – eg AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile or other.

When logged in and you select the site you’ll notice the top bar remains active and you can add a new post without returning t the Dashboard



Thanks to Ted’s informative talk about our website, I’m running a test and it seems to be working.

As we discussed Dye Day, several people asked what color the umbillicaria lichen dye produced.

Well—seeing is believing.


April Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the April meeting have been posted. Please use this link or select Minutes from the menu.

This was our 9th Anniversary Meeting and included a special tribute to Betsy, one of the founding members of our Guild.

The illuminator has posted images from the April meeting.The minutes include pictures of Show and Share. The pictures this month are exclusively from Vicki White’s Hill Institute Master Weavers Presentation. Select galleries from the menu bar then select Sandra’s albums and the April sub album.

Salisbury Public Library Display

For information on the SPL display please
click this link NOBO Show at SPL.