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Sample Binder

Melissa has created a Sample Binder complete with the NOBO Logo.

This is a link to the pdf version.

NOBO Sample Binder

and this is the link to the .doc version

NOBO Sample Binder

August Meeting Agenda

Location – Newbury Town Library, 0 Lunt Street, Byfield, Mass

Social/ Time 6-7pm
Meeting 7-9pm

  1. Welcome/ID new members
  2. Old Business – 15 minutes
    • Bylaws – Terry Anderson update
    • Update on Whittier Loom restoration
    • Check in on Guild meeting location
    • Guild Library – Margaret
    • Additional Old Business
      • We are now on Facebook
  3. New Business – 15 minutes
    • Review of upcoming meetings by Ladies of the Draft.
    • Additional New Business?
  4. Program
    • David Zoffoli from Haverhill, MA.
    • David Zoffoli is the executive director of Creative Haverhill. He will explain the Creative Haverhill initiative.
  5. Show and Share – 30 minutes


Navajo Churro Presentation

That was a great presentation last night. Sandra and I went to Arizona a few years ago and visited Canyon de Chelly as well as one of the Mesa’s where the Hopi Indians are, Monument Valley and then the Grand Canyon. While there I purchased a CD of the Grand Canyon (not the classical music suite) and one of the tracks references some of the Navajo hiding in the Grand Canyon from Kitt Carson. This brought back good memories. I’ll look up the title of the CD if anyone is interested.


(ps Phyllis & Margaret you have posts in the Draft state. You need to select Publish for your posts to be shown)


Court Positions for 2011-2012

The court positions for the Guild Year 2011 to 2012 have been updated. At the same time I have updated the descriptions of the positions. You will find the changes under the Court heading. Thank-you to the retiring officers for your hard work during the 2010 to 2011 season, good luck to the new officers!


From The Dust Jacket

Following the resolution at the meeting on Thursday March 24th, access to the library pages is now open for public views.

The library is still looking for a suitable cabinet, if anyone has one or knows of one please contact us with details and location.

thanks ted


From the Dust Jacket

Posts relating to library items from Patricia:

Hi, everyone, great meeting last night!

I didn’t get a chance to discuss books, fearing lack of time. I have been given
a box of weaving/spinning/felting books from Polly, Lorna’s Mom. She is willing
to both sell some and donate some of them to the library.

Given our discussion on space, we probably don’t want to put all of them in the
library. There is very little overlap with our library – only 3-4 books. The majority
are weaving books, but sort of non-mainstream ones, IMHO.

I’ve chosen a few that I think really belong in our library:

Rag Rug Handbook – Janet Meany and Paula Pfaff
Handwoven Design Collection #8 – Just Rags
A Weaver’s Book of 8 Shaft Patterns – Carol Strickler
In Sheep’s Clothing – Nola Fournier and Jane Fournier (spinning)

I imagine none of you will object to adding the first 3 to the library. We touched
on considering taking non-weaving books out of the library due to space limitations,
so the last one is a “maybe”, IMHO. But it looks like a spinning classic.

I don’t really want to take the time to list the other 20 or so books and booklets.

Any suggestions as to how we decide which ones should go in the library?
Perhaps at the next meeting, a volunteer (Leah? our next librarian?) could
review them and add any others they felt were valuable to the “library
donation” pile, and then I’ll sell the rest on Polly’s behalf?


Web Site

Please don’t hesitate to email me if you are having difficulties with the site. I check my email daily and I will reply the same day.

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