Sample Binder

Melissa has created a Sample Binder complete with the NOBO Logo. This is a link to the pdf version. NOBO Sample Binder and this is the link to the .doc version NOBO Sample Binder

August Meeting Agenda

Location – Newbury Town Library, 0 Lunt Street, Byfield, Mass Social/ Time 6-7pm Meeting 7-9pm Welcome/ID new members Old Business – 15 minutes Bylaws – Terry Anderson update Update on Whittier Loom restoration Check in on Guild meeting location Guild…

Navajo Churro Presentation

That was a great presentation last night. Sandra and I went to Arizona a few years ago and visited Canyon de Chelly as well as one of the Mesa’s where the Hopi Indians are, Monument Valley and then the Grand…

Court Positions for 2011-2012

The court positions for the Guild Year 2011 to 2012 have been updated. At the same time I have updated the descriptions of the positions. You will find the changes under the Court heading. Thank-you to the retiring officers for…

Web Site

Please don’t hesitate to email me if you are having difficulties with the site. I check my email daily and I will reply the same day. ted —