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Recent work

I created three small pieces for a local fundraiser, and thought I’d share a (not-so-great) photo of the trio. The great news is that they sold right off the bat. Woo hoo! The yarn was dyed in a nearly exhausted indigo vat, and the objects were all found on my wanderings, the two on the left at local beaches and the cut nail in my dirt basement (our house was built in 1750). -Melissa


February Workshop Supplies to Bring

Hopefully you have all found a place for the snow to go by now. Digging out when you live on a narrow old street presents the problem of a lack of storage space for the snow. We’re still chipping away at the >5′ bank that is covering the sidewalk in front of our house.

Though this information is outlined in the posted minutes, I wanted to call attention to the details of the February workshop. We will be sewing an azuma bukuro bag using a basic running stitch. Please come to the workshop with a piece of lightweight fabric – cotton is typical. It should measure approximately 13″ x 36″. If your fabric is too sturdy, it will be difficult to knot the closure. I would also avoid loosely woven material. You will also need a sewing needle and several yards of sewing thread (6 or 7 should be more than sufficient). I will provide pins and scissors as well as a handout with detailed instructions. Please let me know if you have any questions.


NEWS Teachers and Class Descriptions

What a fabulous presentation and conversation we had with Barbara Parry last night. My wallet is slightly lighter today, but my rigid heddle loom will soon be cozied up with some Foxfire cormo/alpaca.

The list of teachers who will be at NEWS this coming summer has been posted, and hopefully you’ll be as excited as I am. Click here to see the amazing roster and class descriptions.

I am excited to plan a project for entry into the gallery or fashion show. Will anyone join me this year?

And if you are on Facebook, please consider liking the NEWS page.


Overshot/Floatwork Fabric in Use

I’m feeling rather pleased with how my little upholstery job turned out. This is my No. 18 Name Unknown (Atwater) overshot/floatwork fabric. I used one side of the fabric on the seat and the other on the back. -MelissaDSC_0175

Sheep and Shawl

For those of you not keen on facebook, here is a link to Liz Sorenson’s new shop out in Deerfield. I do believe a field trip of some sort is in order. She plans to open in late August.

Help Sally Fox get her cotton breeding program up and running again

For those of you who might be interested in Sally Fox and her organic cotton breeding program, she is trying to get it back up and running, but needs a bit of help. If you haven’t heard of indiegogo, it’s similar to kickstarter, but not run by a giant corporation. Click here to read about her campaign, and spread the word!

Volunteers needed for NEWS

We need your help!

Fewer people have volunteered to help sit the various shows at NEWS this year, and we are currently in danger of the Table Show and the Traveling Library not being available on both Saturday and Sunday and only for limited hours on Friday. This would be a terrible loss given all of the work that has gone into creating this show by all of the member guilds. Please, if you are able to spare an hour or two to volunteer at NEWS, it would make a huge difference. You are welcome to contact me, and I can put you in touch with the volunteer coordinator.

Thanks – Melissa