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An illustrator living on Boston's beautiful Northshore.
Learned to weave less than 2 years ago but got bit hard by the weaving bug.
So much fiber, so little time!


Thanks to Ted’s informative talk about our website, I’m running a test and it seems to be working.

As we discussed Dye Day, several people asked what color the umbillicaria lichen dye produced.

Well—seeing is believing.


TED Talks

Thanks Ted, for educating us about our website last night at our NOBO meeting. It’s a great resource and everyone should know how to use it.
We’re very lucky to have such a talented tech guru!

New NEWS Rep Needed

It seems there are term limits to being a NEWS rep and my two-cycle term has run out.
I enjoyed my position as the NOBO NEWS rep and working with Melissa was such a bonus.
Meeting fellow weavers from guilds all over New England and participating behind the scenes
at NEWS, was both fun and educational.

Now we need a new member to work along side of Melissa and represent our great guild.
Hopefully, someone feels the calling and will contact either Melissa or Kathleen to express their interest.
There needs to be two reps in order to be a part of NEWS, which I hope we can continue to do.

Thanks for your consideration!


North Ronaldsay Yarn

Liz Sorenson is going to be selling these beautiful skeins of North Ronaldsay yarn in her shop but wanted to give NOBO weavers the first crack at them. I bought the darker and lighter grays and they are SO soft and lovely. If you’ll remember, these are the Scotish seaweed eating sheep!
These are the only skeins she has and won’t be a line she carries, so I thought I’d share this opportunity.

Here’s the info from Liz:

The skeins are all priced by weight, so they vary from skein to skein. Reading the photo from left to right, the prices are:

“worsted weight”
2-color “dark brown/white”: 115g/203m and 120g/203m 2 @ $22 each
“dark brown”: 120g/203m 2 @ $22 each

“dark grey”: 130g/402m 2 @ $33 each (price is higher because 130 g compared to 105 g below)
2-color “dark brown/white”: 105g/402m 2 @ $27 each

To my eye the “dark grey” is much more of a medium or light grey, but that’s their name for it.


Here’s Liz’s e-mail if you’d like to contact her:

Ravelry Natural Dye Group

Okay, so I guess the natural dye bug bit me good on Saturday.
And I don’t mean those little cochineal critters…
I’ve been trawling the different Ravelry groups and really like this one:

Lots of sharing, as Ravelry does well, and the search field under the posts leads to ever more ideas.
Black beans to make blue? Avocado skins?
Oh boy, there’s a lot to learn!
If you’re a Rav member, you may already belong to this group. If not, why not check it out?

Healing Newtown

It was mentioned at the March Weaver’s Guild of Boston meeting that I’d be posting info here on Healing Newtown.
So, here it is:
Hanna Roehrs:

Please contact Hanna if you’d like to donate any weaving supplies or money.
If you’re inclined to drive down to deliver something in person, I met Hanna at the Westport, CT train station
and hopped the train into New York. Habu was my destination and topped of a nice adventure.
Healing Newtown is a wonderful outcome from a terrible tragedy. The world can use more weavers!


My little Honda it was filled to the brim on Tuesday as I ferried our weaving donations to Hanna Roehrs from Healing Newtown (sorry–I had the name wrong!). Hanna said that New England has been very kind in helping her efforts to start a weaving center at Healing Newtown She had just been to Tarrytown, NY a few days earlier to accept donations from weaving nuns! We personally gave four table looms, lots of yarn and weaving tools which will go a long way to create new weavers. If you’d like to follow the good work being done by Healing Newtown, you can follow their progress here:

Again, thanks for the wonderful donations ;-)