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NOBO Site Updates

Hi, fellow Nobonians,

This is just a note from your friendly webmaster.

I’ve been updating the software for the site and also upgraded the theme as well. I also gave it a nice woven-silk background. :)

The menu and menu hierarchy at the top is now easier to navigate and contains the complete page structure.

Over in the right hand column, we’ve got a clock and a calendar for easy reference.
Below that are the subscriber details and the regular site features.
Also of note is the Visitors page which shows a world map of of the visitors we’ve had to our site. It only shows the latest 1600+ recent visitors of the almost 105,000 (!!!) visitors we’ve had since the site was started just over three years ago.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them here.

Happy weaving!

Dave Daniels
Roving Royal Scribe


MIT makes fabric that can hear + make sounds

Interesting news story about this new fabric that can hear and make sounds.
Story here.
I guess they never heard corduroy “talk”…

Chenille Advice Needed

I recently came into a few cones of rayon chenille yarns [*cough*kathie’s fault*cough*] that I’d like to use to make a scarf. I’ve heard it can be tricky to use. One thing I read said that it’s best to use a plain weave to prevent worming, etc.

Do you have any tips or pointers you’d like to share?

If I end up with the plain weave, I’d most likely use the Wolf Pup, and a 12 dent reed is what I’m thinking. Is one type of shuttle better than another?

NOBO Handweavers Galleries – The Tutorial

The NOBO Handweavers Galleries are ready for input/feedback/testing. If you’re up for some fun this weekend, feel free to go ahead and start trying it out. You’ll need a username and password, and also be a paid Guild member. Send me an email to: and I’ll set you up for the first round of tests.

I’ve made a tutorial to help guide you along. It’s in PDF format, and is located here:

Oh, and the Galleries are here:

As each person gets set up, I’ll create a gallery for each individual by first name and last initial. From there you may create as many folders or galleries as you’d like. This will help keep things nice and organized right from the start.

Photo Albums?

You asked for photo albums? You’ve got photo albums. Personally, I prefer Galleries, sounds classier. Because, really, all photos are a work of art and tell a story. But, that’s a topic for another day.
This is bare bones, but a good place to start. I’ve used this gallery setup before, so it’s familiar territory.
The whole directory/gallery can (should be) made passworded also. Also, each individual gallery may be protected individually as well. A universal password should be agreed upon at an in-person guild meeting at some point.
Each Guild Member may be signed up to upload their own images.
For now, have a quick look, I’ve put in a few images to give you an idea of the potential.
The NOBO Handweavers Galleries
PS- Feedback is always welcome.

Subscribe for posts via email

Are you accustomed to getting your posts via email? Well, you can now do that here as well. Over in the sidebar is a link that says “Subscribe to NOBO Handweavers by Email, click here.”

Subscribe to NOBO Handweavers by Email, click here.