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A Winter Weaving Getaway

A Loom with a View


A Winter Weaving Getaway

Saturday, March 9, 2013

10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Lanesville Community Center

8 Vulcan Street, Gloucester, MA

Admission $25

Join us for a day-long weaving retreat in the peaceful seaside village of Lanesville, approximately 30 minutes from Newburyport on scenic Cape Ann.

 Bring a portable loom, any style loom from potholder to multi-harness, set it up, and weave away in the company of friends and fiber folk who understand what it means to slip into your “weaving zone”.

 Take an introductory weaving class from Margaret Russell, using locally sourced, rare breed wool.  Maximum six students.   $150, all materials and weaving tools included.

 Get advice on your particular weaving questions or difficulties from Betsy Martin who will be wearing her coach’s hat for the day.

 Bring your warping board (or rent one of ours) and spend a few hours winding the warp for your next project.

 Or just come sit and weave with us in this lovely space.

 The Lanesville Community Center is completely handicapped accessible, which means moving your loom in and out is easily done.

 Morning coffee and pastry will be provided. Coffee and tea are available throughout the day.

 Bring your lunch. Refrigerator and microwave are available.

 Reservations are required. Tickets may be purchased in advance from A Loom with a View or at the door.

Admission $25  (not required if you’re signed up for Margaret’s weaving class)

 Equipment rental by prior arrangement only.

 No experience necessary. All skill levels welcome.

 A Loom with a View



Topsfield Fair Update from Kathleen Corcoran

Went to Topsfield Fairgrounds Saturday to drop off a woven shirt and was asked if we would be interested in demonstrating weaving during the fair hours! They will set up a table/kiosk and give us however many parking and fair passes we need. I figure we can set up a small (22-inch?) floor or table loom and warp and weave. Just need to get an idea for how many NOBO folks can do it, and when. Anyone interested in weaving, talking and eating fair food???  For questions or more info contact Kathleen at

Rhinebeck Bus Trip

Registration is now open for our bus trip to the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival. We will be traveling by luxury coach to Rhinebeck, NY, on Saturday, October 20, 2012. This is a one-day trip, rain or shine, departing Newburyport at 5:00 AM, returning around 10:30 PM. We’re also planning some great fun to help while away the ride time, like door prizes, games, yarn tastings and more! . Admission to the festival is included in the ticket price of $85 per person. For more information or to register please stop in or call A Loom with a View at 978-463-9276. Tickets are selling like hotcakes so don’t wait!

Creative Haverhill contact info

Hi everyone,
Great meeting last Thursday night! Anyone considering placing their work in either the Creative Haverhill gallery/shop or in one of the mobile shops should feel free to contact Dave Zoffoli directly via the information at the end of this post. I plan to unearth one or two handwoven rugs I never sold and put them in the first mobile shop. This is such a wonderful opportunity to showcase handweaving in general, and NOBO in particular, by putting together a collection of handwoven textiles for sale. I would love to see the live weaving demonstrations that Dave envisions actually happen. What a great way to attract new members and promote the art of handweaving to a large audience! Again, if you’re interested, contact Dave directly.
Happy weaving!

David Zoffoli
Executive Director
Creative Haverhill
4 Summer St (City Hall) rm 309
Haverhill, MA 01830


Here is an opportunity for someone to earn a few $$ helping my friend, Nancy, warp her counterbalance loom for the first time. If you are interested, please contact her directly at
” Hi Betsy,
………. I managed to purchase an old Hammett rug loom. It has already been refurbished, and was operational when I bought it over a year ago. I believe that it’s a counterbalance mechanism (w/ pulleys). Problem is that I don’t seen to find the time on my own to get it warped and running again. Can you suggest someone who might be willing to help me get it running? I have $25./h in mind. It’s presently sitting unused in my home.
…………… Nancy

Weaving and spinning equipment for sale

Here are a couple of very nice pieces of equipment for sale. Please contact the owner directly if you are interested. Contact info at the end of this post.

Hello Betsy- Per our telephone conversation this morning I am sending you pictures of two items that I have for sale.The first is a large Ashford Tapestry Loom. The large size is 103 cm (w) by 74 cm (h)- I have been the sole owner of this loom for 4 years and have never used it.I tried to set it up once. The loom is in perfect condition and has been kept in a dry climate controlled atmosphere. Please see the attached picture. I am asking $200 for the loom.

I am also selling my ashford spinning wheel. Again this is a lovely wheel, I have been the sole owner.I am asking 300 for the wheel. I have enclosed a picture of it.
All interested parties may call me at home 978-580-2645
Thank you for the help, Betsy.
Julie Becker

Ashford Tapestry Loom

Large Ashford Tapestry Loom

Ashford Spinning Wheel

Ashford Spinning Wheel

Ashford Stamp

Thank you!

Allow me to thank all of you for the lovely flowers I received at NOBO’s fourth anniversary celebration. It has been so heartwarming to watch our guild grow and prosper. I look forward to many more years of weaving adventures with all of you.