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Woven wallpaper

I wonder how challenging it would be to create the strips of newspaper used to weave this limited edition wallpaper. It’s 100% recycled and woven on a loom. It looks pretty cool too. Might be fun for a library/office/study type room.

2 Thoughts on “Woven wallpaper

  1. This makes me think of The Paper House in Rockport, MA –

    The gentleman starting building it in 1922 and it has lasted this long so I think wallpaper woven of newspaper strips is a worthy idea for many reasons.

    What would be best for the warp?

  2. That’s cool!
    You could weave newspaper fabric for book covers on journals as well.

    I’ve heard about the paper house. Rockport is going down on my list of summer day trips. Thanks for the reminder.

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