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My little Honda it was filled to the brim on Tuesday as I ferried our weaving donations to Hanna Roehrs from Healing Newtown (sorry–I had the name wrong!). Hanna said that New England has been very kind in helping her efforts to start a weaving center at Healing Newtown She had just been to Tarrytown, NY a few days earlier to accept donations from weaving nuns! We personally gave four table looms, lots of yarn and weaving tools which will go a long way to create new weavers. If you’d like to follow the good work being done by Healing Newtown, you can follow their progress here:

Again, thanks for the wonderful donations ;-)

About Kathie K

An illustrator living on Boston's beautiful Northshore. Learned to weave less than 2 years ago but got bit hard by the weaving bug. So much fiber, so little time!

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  1. Patricia Morton on March 8, 2013 at 7:53 AM said:

    Thank you, Kathie, for getting this going. What a wonderful effort.Just so y’all know, the donations included a warping board from our former member Sue Jones. It’s great that we collected that many items from such a small guild!

  2. Kathie, many thanks for your effort in gathering and delivering the means to help grow Healing Newtown’s weaving center. Additional appreciation to all who donated. I see there is already a first run weaving workshop scheduled for this morning!

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