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Hey guys,

Gail has started a site for NOBO Handweavers on Face Book–great idea!
Our website is a wonderful place for posting anything and everything but Face Book is a great place to chat, ask questions and have more of a real time experience.

So for all of you already on Face Book, here’s the URL (revised as noted in Gail’s comment below):

Easier yet, click on the Face Book logo on the upper left of this site and boom-you’re instantly transported there. Thanks Dave!

Come on over and join us!

About Kathie K

An illustrator living on Boston's beautiful Northshore. Learned to weave less than 2 years ago but got bit hard by the weaving bug. So much fiber, so little time!

4 Thoughts on ““Like” Us

  1. The link didn’t work for me and I couldn’t bring it up in a search!

  2. Hi Susan,


    I’m playing with the group settings, this may work

  3. Hi Gail,
    That worked! I’ve asked to join the group!

  4. FB is much more convenient for me since I’m on it several times every day anyway (for business, of course;) and I’ll see every comment as soon as it is posted. Great idea, Gail!

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