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A Very Special Loom for Sale

Schacht 36″ 4 shaft low castle loom.  Number 315, 1979.  When Barry Schacht visited A Loom with a View recently, he sat down at this loom and said “Hello old friend!”.

Rescued and lovingly restored by yours truly.  New heddles, heddle bars and clips, and texsolv tie-ups.  Comes with a 10 dent reed.  Weaves beautifully.  If this loom could talk, the stories it would tell.  Also included is a photo of Barry sitting with his old friend!


Loom may presently be seen at A Loom with a View until further notice.

About Margaret B. Russell

Focus - natural fibers, naturally colored and naturally hand-dyed. Specialty - researching and weaving with the wools of primitive, rare, and threatened British sheep breeds.

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