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NOBO Handweavers Galleries – The Tutorial

The NOBO Handweavers Galleries are ready for input/feedback/testing. If you’re up for some fun this weekend, feel free to go ahead and start trying it out. You’ll need a username and password, and also be a paid Guild member. Send me an email to: and I’ll set you up for the first round of tests.

I’ve made a tutorial to help guide you along. It’s in PDF format, and is located here:

Oh, and the Galleries are here:

As each person gets set up, I’ll create a gallery for each individual by first name and last initial. From there you may create as many folders or galleries as you’d like. This will help keep things nice and organized right from the start.

2 Thoughts on “NOBO Handweavers Galleries – The Tutorial

  1. Thank you Dave! Your tutorial is what makes this approachable for me! I am beginning to have all kinds of thoughts why this gallery space will be fun and beneficial.

  2. Kathie K on September 4, 2009 at 8:22 PM said:

    I think you should post photos of all the US rare breed sheep here.
    I actually think you need to write a book about them!

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