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It’s Springtime at Wild Fibers!

The Spring issue of Wild Fibers is out!  If you are a subscriber, keep watch for the mail.  If you aren’t a subscriber, that’s bad news.  But wait, there is some good news.  A Loom with a View has issues ready with your name on one of them.  Just wait until you see the cover!  And as always, that is only the beginning of all Wild Fibers has in store for you.

About Margaret B. Russell

Focus - natural fibers, naturally colored and naturally hand-dyed. Specialty - researching and weaving with the wools of primitive, rare, and threatened British sheep breeds.

2 Thoughts on “It’s Springtime at Wild Fibers!

  1. Oh goodie!
    Betsy–you’ve a Wild Fibers with my name on it, right?!

  2. Of course, Kathie!

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