NOBO Handweavers

A Woven Journey Weekend Workshop

Explore the traditional art of handweaving and use the wool of a primitive sheep breed as your fiber. This workshop offers an extraordinary opportunity to experience the entire weaving process in one weekend! Measure your fibers on a warping board, dress (prepare) a 4 shaft table loom, and weave a collection of heirloom quality coasters of pure Shetland wool.

Saturday, September 26, 10am-5pm

Sunday, September 27, 10am-4pm

Workshop location –


Studio & Study

Byfield, MA 01922

No experience necessary.

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NOBO Table display at NEWS

For those of you who missed it, here is a photo of our Guild display at NEWS.


Kathie did an amazing job! It was the best table there!

June 2015 Minutes

The minutes for the June Meeting have been posted. Please use this link June 2015 Minutes or the Minutes page. Included are some pictures of the Weaving Memories items that were on display and described. The notes only provide an over view of the presentations which were quoting Mary heartfelt stories and how they were interpreted in woven memories.

May 2015 Minutes

The minutes for the May 2015 meeting have been posted under minutes. I have included some photos of Roberta, the demonstration piece and two others. Thanks to Margaret for proof reading the minutes and providing corrections.

Discussion on Copyright

At the May meeting there was some concern that members were not submitting pieces for the NEWs awards. I am acutely aware of the writings by a frequent contributor and Handwoven Staff member about articles submitted for shows and how they are blatant copies of designs posted in magazines. When I reviewed the NEW’s requirements, I read the same message with a ban on “receipe” based designs. All it takes is for a judge to share the same opinion and virtually all pieces are eligible to be thrown out as copies or violating someone’s copyright.

I am not faulting NoBo or the senior members, Margaret has encouraged me to submit items I have woven. Submitting any article opens up the very real possibility of the article being thrown out as a copy or close modification of some thing already published. I am not prepared to take that risk. My latest designs are from scratch but the weave structures are common techniques, shadow weave and twill. I have not done an extensive search of the literature to ensure I am not violating someone’s design who can then cry foul that in some previous publication a close facsimilie of the design was featured.

I will happily present our work for the memories section, both our memories are unique and the inspiration of the wave design was completely derived from my past.

I work in a world of patents and copyright, I have seen what happens when patents and copyright are supposedly violated. For me, weaving is something I enjoy doing and I will continue to weave items. I am not prepared to have an article scrutinsed for copyright violation or as was stated in Handwoven, he changed a thread here and there but the aricle is identical to one in Handwoven xyz which is a blatant violation of copyright and should never have been submitted. Hand weaving is an ancient art and it takes skill to weave an article with high quality but that is not enough for NEWs, it has to be unique which, given the history of weaving, is virtually impossible. In my work world we conduct extensive literature searches to ensure we are not violating patents and copyrights, I neither have the resources nor the time to perform a rigorous search of the literature to guarantee that my designs are unique.

This is why I am unwilling to present pieces for the NEWs Gallery Show. Comments

New Exhibit at the American Textile History Museum

Wonder of Wool: Ancient Fiber to Modern Marvel

May 20-Dec 31, 2015

“Wool is one of the most commonly used fibers in the world and easily the most misunderstood. Wonder of Wool: Ancient Fiber to Modern Marvel takes a fascinating look at the significance of sheep and wool in our culture and our everyday lives, shattering myths and giving visitors a new understanding and appreciation of this fabulous fiber.

Wonder of Wool explores the unique characteristics of the fabric that have made it so useful both historically and today, with a broad range of uses. The exhibit shatters many of the misconceptions of wool: that it is itchy, only for cold weather, hard to wash, can’t get wet, and has a bad odor.”

See more at:

I can’t wait to see this!

Looking to purchase a reed

Does anyone have a 24-25″ 10 dent reed they would like to sell?  If so, please let me know.