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Fiber Revival

What a perfect summer day for the Fiber Revival last Saturday! The event was a huge success, and kudos to all of the organizers and helpers especially Kelly Rota. Our NOBO table was visited by many friends and curious passersby. Hopefully, we will see some new faces at the next guild meeting on September 25th at the Newbury Public Library in Byfield. Many thanks to Kathie and Martha for their demos pictured here. Also thanks to Diane, Ellen, Fran and Peg for representing our group.image

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The next beginner’s session starts

September 15, 2014

Registration is now open for


Travel to the fascinating land of weaving!  Learn its language, discuss project planning and weaving drafts (directions for constructing woven fabrics), measure fibers on a warping board, dress a loom (ready it for weaving), and WEAVE.  Two gamps* will be woven, one plain weave and one twill weave. Discover color interaction, investigate pattern structures, and interact with texture.

 No experience necessary.

 If you have never woven or need a full refresher, this ever-popular, tried and true outing is for you.

Monday evenings


 September 15, 22, 29

 October 6, 20, 27

Six student maximum and two instructors!

Betsy Martin

Margaret B. Russell

  Class cost – $290

 Along with instruction, everything you need is included in the class cost – use of a 4 shaft Schacht table loom, weaving equipment/tools, fibers, and a folder filled with weaving information (yarns for this class are certified 100% organic Merino wool spun at a historic mill in Springvale, Maine!).

Registration requires payment in full. If you are unable to attend “A Woven Journey” after registering, payment will be refunded only if another student can fill your spot. Otherwise payment is nonrefundable, unless Antrim Handweaving cancels the session.

 Classes are held at -


 Byfield, MA

For more information or to reserve your place in front of a loom, contact:

  Margaret – Antrim Handweaving, Studio & Study





The Big E

The Big E in West Springfield is from September 12 through the 28th.

Here is a link to the requirements and dates and times for dropping off anything you wish to enter at the Big E:
Big E Creative Arts Catalog

As you can see, they have a rather large hand weaving category. There are extra awards from HGA and Webs among others. There can be cash prizes at times. The Big E is a much bigger operation than the Topsfield Fair.  I think it would be great if at least one member of NOBO entered an item at the Big E.

June minutes

The new minutes are posted

June 2014 Minutes

Minutes of the June 2014 meeting of NOBO

The meeting opened with Tip Jar ideas. The main tips were from Eileen, Betsy and Kathie about using social media in our weaving lives.

Eileen shared her favorite Ravelry sites and encouraged everyone to join up. Her favorite groups were these: Warped Weavers, Warped Weavers Marketplace, Weavers Cafe, Weavers Cafe Trading Post, Weaving with handspun, Macomber Loom (and other manufacturers groups, Weaving Yarn Review, Weaving book and video review, Loom reviews, Travelry (tips for fiber loving travelers).

Betsy then spoke about Using Facebook and it’s many groups for Rigid Heddle weavers, 4 shaft and 8 shaft weavers, New England Weavers Seminar and many many more. Her favorite group is London Cloth – check it out!

Kathie discussed Pinterest. She showed us her computer tablet and one of the ‘boards’ she had created. You can create a board on any topic and then add ideas to it that you find online. You then share your finds and ideas with others. Many are already using and sharing around the topic of weaving. Two web sites also mentioned were hand and weavolution.

Finally Margaret had an unrelated tip. Use the large Velcro ties from stor bought fresh vegetable to hold back unused heddles on your loom!

Vicki gave us the BALANCE IN THE BANK—$1,589.86. We now have 23 members and need to think about building it up. $100 will be given to the Newburyport Library in September.

- the Georgetown library exhibit is down and Eileen and Betsy have all remaining items
Rowley Library would like a similar display there but no one is ready to do the work required.

- reminder that there will be no regular meetings in July and August. However, there will be an informal get together on the usual night and time but at Panera in Newburyport. In August there will be another Natural Dye day at the Corcorans -the 23rd (rain day the 30th). Terry Anderson will coordinate it.

- Terry is also working on the LibraryThing and will be sending out emails about how people can help.

- Ikat Workshop was a success and people brought in the yarns they had dyed. Each sample was shown and discussed. Any ideas for other workshops should be shared with The Ladies of the Draft


- There are 2 looms and a wheel looking for new homes. an old Cranbrook counterbalance, 4 harness 48″ rug loom for $800 – see Betsy if interested. A
Macomber 40″ 4 harness for $500 and an older Saxony style wheel – see Diane about either of these.

- brief discussion of restarting the old practice of having a ‘Sale Table’ where people could bring in any weaving related items to sell and then give 10% of proceeds to the Guild. The idea was approved.

- Fiber Revival is August 9th from 9-4. Olivia and Eileen will coordinate, Peg, Ellen and anyone else who can will help out. Let Eileen know if you can help.

- Topsfield Fair is Oct 3-13. People are in decided about doing it again.
Also the Big E in Springfield is Oct 13. People can go online to check this out and see about entering projects.

Show and Share as well as an Ice Cream Smorgasbord followed! Both great successes!

Enrichment Program – looking for volunteers to take this over!

Margaret and Melissa have been taking care of our enrichment program, but both of them would like a couple of members to step forward and take over the administration of the program.

Below is a description of the duties that Margaret sent to me:

Overall, two or even three members (thinking really positive here) act as advisors to the participants in the program. They would be available should there be questions of any kind, willing to help participants as they work through the levels by doing a preliminary review of their woven pieces, etc. We have requirements in place for the Apprentice and Journey(wo)man level. The Master level is open for the participant to determine an area of in-depth study, which must be okayed by the review board. There remains a need to put together such a review board (they determine whether the weaver has met the requirements to achieve a particular level). We had thought it best to seek a weaver or two outside of NOBO to be on the board, along with the NOBO members involved with overseeing the program. This is where the program needs help.

Originally this program came about to go hand in hand with our medieval theme, following what the guilds of that time did. Kathleen C. has already done a lot of work for the Apprentice level so it would only make sense to keep the requirements for that level in place. However, members interested in taking this on could still add something of their own to the program. I dug back into some of my early emails to Melissa and Mary when we were first discussing the program (see below). We’ve strayed a bit but since no one is at the Journey(wo)man level, some additions to it could be made or even our present requirements for Apprentice and Journey(wo)man could be combined into one level, the Apprentice. Then Journey(wo)man could be restructured to follow more of what the definition of that level truly was. That’s one thought but there are lots of possibilities. I am always for someone adding their own twist to the various positions within the guild. Just as you have done with the library! Apprentice was certainly the starting point, not any or not much experience, and the focus was onsite learning for the apprentice for a general period of 7 years, though each guild set the time required so it was variable (obviously we won’t require such an indentured period of time) Journey(wo)man was a position in which one would be sent out to wander, to see the practices of the “craft”.

Again, seven years is generally mentioned. Master resulted in the producing of a masterpiece. For some of my immediate thoughts, I am starting to list the following -

Apprentice – taking classes for either a set period of time or a certain number of classes. Also one could do an independent study or series of studies with a presentation to the guild. Classes cost so I don’t want to make this a costly venture. It needs to be achievable or workable for everyone that would be interested. I realize not everyone will be. But, I also want this to be serious. Again, I love the influence of the Middle Ages here, it is fun but also want to maintain how important the workings towards such levels are. They need to offer a challenge as most of this type of level accomplishment does. It is an investment of one’s devotion. When accomplished, it speaks highly of the individual. Journey(wo)man – onsite and offsite demos and teachings (ALwaV, NOBO guild, Fiber Fest, Fuzz Fest, school settings etc)

Master – one would produce a masterpiece. It probably should be discussed, reviewed, okayed by the Ladies of the Warp and Weft and Lady NOBO. Please contact Margaret or Melissa if you are interested or you have any questions!


There are still some openings for the Ikat Dye Workshop on Saturday, June 21.  The Friday workshop is filled.  If anyone is interested in taking the Saturday workshop, please let me know and I will provide you with the information.

See you at the workshops!