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New Exhibit at the American Textile History Museum

Wonder of Wool: Ancient Fiber to Modern Marvel

May 20-Dec 31, 2015

“Wool is one of the most commonly used fibers in the world and easily the most misunderstood. Wonder of Wool: Ancient Fiber to Modern Marvel takes a fascinating look at the significance of sheep and wool in our culture and our everyday lives, shattering myths and giving visitors a new understanding and appreciation of this fabulous fiber.

Wonder of Wool explores the unique characteristics of the fabric that have made it so useful both historically and today, with a broad range of uses. The exhibit shatters many of the misconceptions of wool: that it is itchy, only for cold weather, hard to wash, can’t get wet, and has a bad odor.”

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I can’t wait to see this!

Looking to purchase a reed

Does anyone have a 24-25″ 10 dent reed they would like to sell?  If so, please let me know.


April 2015 Meeting Minutes

Thanks to Martha for taking notes. The minutes for April have been posted under Minutes. If there are corrections or additions please send them to me. Thanks Margaret for the corrections – ted

Wanted: Warping Help

Is anyone interested in warping a table loom for a nice lady who is happy to pay for the service? She wants to weave but has always had someone else dress her loom for her, and she can’t take a class until next fall. Please get in touch with her directly if you’re interested.
Anne McCambridge
7 Manning St., #3
Ipswich, MA 01938

Wanted! A Loom!

I am helping a friend find the loom of her dreams.  She is searching for a used Macomber, 40″, 8 shaft with 10 plus treadles.  Please let me know if you come across one.

Thank you!


One More Update

I have just updated the web site again because of another security vulnerability. This is mainly a bug fix release and there are no other significant changes. With luck the hackers will take the Summer off. As always if you have any problems please email me.

tks ted


Recent work

I created three small pieces for a local fundraiser, and thought I’d share a (not-so-great) photo of the trio. The great news is that they sold right off the bat. Woo hoo! The yarn was dyed in a nearly exhausted indigo vat, and the objects were all found on my wanderings, the two on the left at local beaches and the cut nail in my dirt basement (our house was built in 1750). -Melissa